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How to manage lower back pain

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I'm writing this article to help anyone who have or have ever had Lower Back Pain.

If you never had any back pain consider yourself very lucky, and you should read this in order to prevent lower back pain. If you have ever had a lower back issue you know how debilitating it can be. I know, because I suffer from it and I feel your pain more than you know.

I experience it every two months or so and I do everything I can to minimize it, but more than likely once the damage is done it's more about minimizing than getting better. So becuase the injury is there, you can only do some things that can help in minimizing.

The lower back pain can come from many things, but common reasons are

– Weak Glutes – Weak Core – Poor posture – Poor Hip Mobility – Not enough Warm Ups

Make sure that every single time you train you do this:

  • Light cardio to warm-up your body

  • Use the foam roller before and after working out to release tension. Do this also in the morning and at night.

  • Do a few exercises for core stability before you do an exercise, the BOSU ball is great

  • Avoid compression loading exercises (Back Squats, Deadlifts etc). When the pain is gone, you can do these exercises again, but only once every couple of weekes.

  • Train your legs more single leg, with less weight, and more time under tension

  • Ice can help post-workout

  • Avoid Heat Post Workout

  • Contrast showers are good: heat then cold

  • Consider Glutamine and BCAA’s after working out to help recovery. Berries are also great for reducing inflammation

  • Improve Hip Mobility with stretching. Mobility gets even more important as you age. Don’t neglect mobility exercises for your hips, shoulders and Spine.

  • Don’t get reliant on anti inflammatory drugs unless it's really necessary

I hope my tips help you and if I can help one person with back injury then this blog post was worth it.

If you have any questions post them below. Maybe I can help you with your back pain and your training.

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