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Lift weights to lose fat!

I know that when you start thinking, “I need to lose fat,” the first associations that comes to your mind are:

1. I have to do “cardio.”

2. I have to “diet.”

Because of these misconceptions the majority people who want to lose fat are doomed for failure before they even start.

Of course, nutrition is very important when it comes to losing fat and building muscle. As well, cardio training does have it’s place.

However, the most important thing that people are missing in their fat loss quest, is lifting weights and strength training.

This is a big mistake because muscle equals metabolism and the more muscle mass we have the more body fat we can lose. You won’t build much muscle with cardio, so if you want to have a lean muscle mass you have to lift weights. The more lean muscle you have, the more you’re going to use calories to support everything you do. Think of muscle as the engine of your body. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

One pound of muscle burns 50 more calories a day, so let's say that if I add 5 pounds of lean muscle, I will burn about 250 additional calories a day.

And if you're a lady, I promise you that adding 5 pounds of muscle will not make you look like a man.

Let's put it like this: when you do a 30 minute jog or machine cardio session, how many calories and how much time do you think you need to recover from that workout?

Sure, a metabolic workout or a High Intensity Interval has it’s place and has benefits but the base of your training should be lifting weights.

Now let’s think about a big leg workout. How long are you sore and recovering from that workout and how much you hate it when you see stairs in front of you?

That is because weight training does more “damage” to your body and the body in turn, has to use a lot of energy repairing that damage, then rebuilding, and coming back stronger.

The better the workout the more calories burned for the next 2-3 days while your body recovers.

Nothing will get you better results than the following exercises. Squats – Deadlifts – Overhead Pressing – Lunges – Chest press

Your workout should pretty much consist of variations of these exercises, 3-5 days a week.

Focus on basic movements, with the goal of getting stronger and getting faster.

And focus on lifting heavy weights over steady state cardio as your main method for fat loss. Invest in good strength training programs.

If you are looking for programs to help you burn fat, build muscle, get stronger and more, contact me via email at!

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