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The gym cured my back pain

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

We’re an ageing, unfit, inactive population. We eat unhealthily, live under constant low-level stress, and sit too much and badly. This makes us prime candidates for postural dysfunction and pain (80% of adults are affected) along with a host of lifestyle and diet related injuries and health issues. Unless we do something about it. I’m not telling you this because I read it in a book, I’m telling you because I know what it’s like.

My fitness journey began when I was a teenager, being a good student and studying all the time. I didn’t make time to exercise and I was suffering from chronic back pain. I tried everything, from massage to acupuncture but nothing helped until I went to a rehabilitation clinic. The Rehab assistant advised me to go to the gym and workout for strengthening my back muscles. With the help of a personal trainer, in less than an year, my back pain was considerably reduced and I was definitely much stronger and fitter. Since then I’ve always been in the gym and kept exercising.

I look back now 15 years later and I remember like it was yesterday: the first moment I stepped into a gym and I touched the cold iron. I don’t want to think that it’s pure coincidence, but I was born in Romania and the Romanian deadlift saved my life. I remember the first day I did this great exercise: I mobilized gently until I could get into the positions I needed and then I lifted, starting with just the bar. I rebuilt myself by rebuilding my technique and accepting nothing less than perfect on every rep. Until today it’s the training day I look forward to most and, while it should theoretically be the most dangerous lift considering my condition that’s precisely why I think it’s so important. I love squatting and pressing too, but deadlifts make me feel strong. They make me believe I’m strong and nothing can touch me and they definitely cured my back pain. The way I see it, deadlifts saved my life.

This is the reason why the training method I use with my client is a maintenance approach that will keep them stronger, fitter, healthier and functionally active for longer.

We all have a mission to accomplish in life and I believe my mission is to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle and I am committed to improving individuals physical and psychological wellbeing. My aim is to return all my clients to their maximum performance levels, playing the sport that they love or doing their day to day activities without any pain.

My internal motivation is to inspire, motivate and encourage everyone to start a healthy lifestyle.

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